Mental Health Tips

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has impacted everyone in different ways on an international scale. It is quite obvious that every next person is suffering from anxiety, depression or stress during this time. Every young to an old person is overwhelmed by the constantly varying alerts and media coverage regarding the spread of COVID-19.

While it is essential to be updated, few wellbeing tips and strategies to continue taking care of ourselves during these hard times are discussed below:


NEWS can increase anxiety and fear sentiments. Using unauthentic sources for information regarding COVID-19 can affect your mental health so, ensuring that you are having exposure to quality and accurate information is essential.

Media can affect children as well, it is important to monitor children’s exposure to reports of media about COVID-19 as constant exposure can give rise to their fear and anxiety levels. When your children are watching, listening or reading any NEWS try to be with them so you can answer their concerns or queries at that time.


Keep yourself calm, mindful and active and ensure that you are not contributing to any widespread panic that can affect your efforts to manage the outbreak positively. Be sure that you are only following the precautionary measures directed by the government and medical experts. Any unauthentic precautions and fake remedies can develop fear and health problems.


It is important to support each other in these hard times when fear, isolation (social and physical), and uncertainty is increasing rapidly. It is very much essential to strengthen the sense of our community by continuously supporting and connecting to each other. Coronavirus COVID-19 does not discriminate, no matter what is your age, gender, race, nationality or religion it can affect you. Remind yourself that we can win this war against this virus together by supporting each other.


Maintaining such routines where one can possibly connect with friends and family, through voice calls or video calls. Staying mentally and physically active by doing exercises or any other fitness activities. Consuming proper nutritious foods and contacting lifeline for any additional or professional support as required.


Self-isolation, social distancing or quarantine can raise feelings of helplessness and fear. In addition to the above, we encourage the following tips:

  • Perspective: Consider this time different and unique, not bad necessarily.
  • Contact with others: Find some creative ways like social media, phone or email to get in touch with your loved ones.
  • Generosity: It enhances your nature of wellbeing when you give something to others in time of their needs.
  • Stick with your values: Do not allow fear or anxiety to let you drive out of interaction with others. We are all in the same boat.
  • Daily routine: Prioritize those things in your daily routine that you love to do. Most people like to do exercise and meditation to generate positive energy within oneself.

In these tough times, take care of yourself and the people around you. Almost everyone is suffering so, it is not only you. Look after your children and parents assure their good hygiene habits, keep yourself connected with friends and family. Follow authentic precautions advised by the health professionals & the government, be kind and helpful to everyone. Remember; together we can do this!