COVID-19 safe behaviour at the workplace


Since COVID 19 has hit the globe, everything has been adversely impacted and is being changed say it be conducting businesses, pursuing careers, getting an education, travelling around, even the normal life of people has now evolved. But as long as there is life, these activities are mandatory to sustain life. Work, employment, and business are also one of such necessities as without working and conducting business, there will be no money and income and when there will be no income, the purchasing power of people for buying basic needs of life like food, medical and healthcare services, education etc. will also decline that is why it is necessary to keep the employments and business in running to earn some living. But with a virus-like COVID 19 which is contagious and social distancing is to be maintained to stay safe from the spread of this virus, operating businesses and conducting business activities is very difficult. However, some of the COVID safe behaviours to be observed at workplaces in Australia are:

Keep a social distance of at least 1.5 meters from others.

The more distance you keep between you and the other people, the safer it is for you and them to stay safe from the spread of this virus and the germs as it will reduce the chances of being affected by this virus. Whenever you go out and at your workplace, maintain this minimum distance of 1.5 meters whether you are shopping for groceries or meeting a friend. Also, minimize physical contact such as shaking hands, hugging, or kissing when you meet someone who is not from your household. Physical distancing, if maintained by everyone in the community, can significantly drop the probability of any new cases of being affected by this virus which further increases the opportunity for the virus to spread more and more.

Washing hands more often with soap and warm water as well as use hand sanitisers

The virus gets twigged with our hands and passes on to other people. By using soap thoroughly for 20 seconds before rinsing hands from water, the virus will get off. This trick can help create a huge impact if utilized frequently such as before leaving out and after coming back home and workplace and likewise before and after eating. The use of hand sanitiser from time to time is also recommended.

Get yourself tested for COVID 19

Early detection of this virus will help in preventing its spread in the community. If you are not well or have symptoms of flu and cold, then get tested and stay at home or else everyone around can also fall sick and the virus will also prevail.

Stay at home if you are not well

When you are at work, you encounter hundreds of people daily and thus if you are not well, you can be spreading the illness. So, make sensible decisions and stay at home. When you feel better, only then go to work. Keeping workplaces and communities safe from this virus is possible when unwell people stay at home.