Mental Health First Aid Training

Learn how to recognise when someone is not themselves…

Often when we see our friends and loved ones feeling down, we can have trouble knowing the right things to say. This means that we can miss very important signs that they are struggling with something far bigger, like a mental health issue.

Sometimes we all feel like we need some help…

Physically, when we are injured, we usually seek help. However, this is not always the case if we are feeling down, or anxious. Mental health problems are very commonly experienced and can impact someone’s mood, thinking, behaviour, and interaction with others. Just like physical health problems, they can range from mild to extremely serious. It can impact people’s ability to be function, stop them from connecting to the community, and prevent them from being happy and fulfilled.

How do you help someone who is feeling down or suicidal?

Mental Health First Aiders are people who have learned how to listen, reassure, and respond to people who are experiencing these negative moods, thoughts, and behaviours.

What skills will you get from attending a session?

  • Knowledge of the signs that might mean someone is experiencing mental health problems
  • Techniques to help you start conversations around mental health
  • Ways to respond to a mental health crisis
  • Practice your new skills in a safe environment
  • Improve your knowledge around mental health
  • Increase your confidence in providing mental health support
  • Contribute to recognising that it is okay to talk about mental health issues

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